Sydney Matejik

Sydney Matejik is an alumni of Contempro Dance Theatre, formerly known as Wendy's Dance Center. She began dancing at age three and continued for 15 years at this studio. During this time, she competed in various dance styles as a soloist and team member. She attended multiple conventions with reputable choreographers, including Chloe and Maud Arnold of the Syncopated Ladies, heightening her love for tap dancing.

Sydney is a 2018 graduate from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Elementary Education. While studying at Penn State, she danced at various campus and sporting events alongside two dance teams, Penn State Dance Alliance and Penn State Tapestry Dance Company. Being a part of these two teams provided Sydney with the chance to learn new styles in jazz, hiphop, and tap, as well as choreographing for small and large group numbers. Sydney had multiple leadership roles throughout her four years on these two teams, showcasing her love for dancing.

She is currently an elementary substitute teacher. This opportunity allows Sydney to work with children of all ages on a day to day basis and instill a passion for learning amongst all. Sydney is thrilled to be an instructor at Contempro Dance Theatre and learn from her colleagues and students alike. She hopes to inspire her students to find an outlet for dance in all stages of their lives.



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