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Studio Calendar of Events:

Monday,  September 11th

Tuesday, October 31st


November 19th - 26th


Monday, November 27th


Dec. 22nd - Jan 1st

Tuesday,  January 2nd

March 25th - 31st


Monday, April 1st

Thursday, May 23rd

Tuesday, June 4th

Wednesday, June 5th

Thursday,  June 6th

Saturday, June 8th - 11am

Saturday, June 8th - 3pm

Sunday, June 9th - 11am

Sunday, June 9th - 3pm

Classes Start


Studio Closed


Fall Break


Classes Resume

Winter Break

Classes Resume

Spring Break

Classes Resume


Last Day of Classes

Dress Rehearsal Lineup


Dress Rehearsal Lineup


Dress Rehearsal Lineup

Recital Lineup

Recital Lineup

Recital Lineup

Recital Lineup


The rules of the classroom arise out of deep-rooted traditions and are in place to ensure your child may get the full benefit of their dance instruction.

Please have students arrive on time and in proper class attire each week. Students who arrive late are disruptive to the entire class. Gum and food are not permitted in the studios. Street shoes may NOT be worn on the studio floors.

Dance education empowers and defines self-esteem, discipline, creativity and self-confidence. These principles will become a part of each student whether they pursue a professional career or not. These are valuable life lessons for every child!


Tuition Scale for 2023-2024 Season ~ All tuition is capped at $450 a month. There will be no refunds for any of these charges. Classes are subject to change at the artistic director’s discretion. Contempro Brochure

There will be no refunds for any of these charges.

Classes are subject to change or cancellation at the artistic director’s discretion.


All recreational costumes are $100 and all competition costumes will be $110. This cost will include your recital tights and a garment bag. Alterations may be necessary at the parent's expense. Measurements are taken for sizing only. It is NOT a custom-made costume! Recreational costume payments are due by November 1st in order to guarantee shipment for our recital. Partial payments are always accepted with payment in full by November 1st. There is a $15 late fee for any costume ordered after this date. There are no refunds once the costumes have been ordered!

We hope all of our students at Contempro will participate in this wonderful event. If your child does not wish to participate, we must know by November 1st, prior to costumes being ordered. Ticket prices, t-shirt order forms and recital schedules will be distributed in the spring.

During inclement weather, please check your email. We will send out a notice regarding the studio’s closing. Make up classes are permitted where applicable. Please reference the studio website for a comprehensive list of studio events and holiday closings.

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